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Timothy Bolt

Faculty of Economics
Saitama University



Research Topics

    As a mean of contributing both the health services and better understanding decisions, my focus is conducting DCE studies to establish preferences and valuations for delivering user-led services and policies.   This is particularly true around understanding personal risk trade-offs and also data mangement / privacy issues.  

    Frequently I collaborate on providing DCE or other Health Economic support to various studies in policy or service development. However, I have a particular interest in care support services for older people or end-of-life patients. In particular designing services accounting for their differing priorities around health outcomes and risks.   Public health and preventative interventions is another area to which I am very interested in applying the DCE method and in particular continuing studies on screening tests.  

Research Projects

    The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) funded academic studies on which I have been PI or CI can be found at:

Among the current or most recent JSPS studies are:

* GIFT PoCT STI screening This study in a colloboration in which a DCE is being used in conjuction with three RTC sites to examine the acceptance of a new STI screening test as part of an STI managment service.

* Modelling End of Life Care Priorities with a Discrete Choice Experiment This study ended up focussed on two issues: (1) implementation of Advance Care Planning / Advance Directives (ACP / AD) by both the general public and by clinicians; (2) the public’s choices for life sustaining treatments versus care focused on patient comfort in ICU admission.

Other studies currently being undertaken include:
* physician priorities in in advanced lymphoma (DLBCL) treatment
* Polish consumer's acceptance of nuclear power energy development
* Japanese investor decisions on Green Bond investments




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