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Dr Tim Bolt          

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Dr. Timothy Bolt

Faculty of Economics
Saitama University



Research Topics

    Conducting primary DCE studies to establish preferences and valuations for delivering user-led services and policies.   I have a particular focus on support care services for informal caregivers of cancer survivors and palliative care patients (those at the end of life).   Public health and preventative interventions is another area to which I am very interested in applying the DCE method.  

    The use of choice experiments leads to interesting questions in applying Benefit Transfer Analysis to health care DCE studies. This can aid in understanding the generalisability of results for policy makers and service planners.   Additionally, these tests may be useful for comparisons of priorities either across geographical scale (regions within a nation), international analysis (such as between Japanese and UK respondents) or various stakeholders (such as comparing patients, caregivers, health professionals or other groups).  

Research Projects

    Parallel Discrete Choice Experiments in Caregivers of Japanese & UK Cancer Survivors:   This is a study to design and apply parallel Discrete Choice Experiments for informal caregivers (typically supporting family members) of patients surviving after cancer treatment.   This study will apply Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) to statistically model at-home care service priorities for cancer survivors.   The study will estimate their priorities for and valuation of at-home care support services in these two samples of informal carers and apply Benefit Transfer Analysis methods across the national samples.   The results will inform better support services for the informal carers of cancer survivors and contribute to methodological advancements in using Stated Preference methods in Health Economics.  





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