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Timothy Bolt

Faculty of Economics
Saitama University



    I am a Health Economist who joined Saitama University in the Graduate School and Faculty of Economics fulltime in April 2015.   Currently, my responsibilities include teaching, supervision, research and serving as Director of the Faculty's Global Talent Programme.    

    Current research focuses on the application and development of Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE).   This is a versatile health economic survey tool used to describe and value both traditional health outcome and also experience / process factors from health care interventions.   The DCE method is particularly relevant for valuing patient services and care at the end of life. This and public health interventions are my main interests for applying choice experiments.
At the moment, my active research projects include work on end of life care services (Advance Care Planning), novel Lymphoma treatments, Point-of-Care Testing and services for Women in three African RCT sites and collaboration on two enviromental economic choice experiments.  

Previous Research

Work at the University of Southampton prior to moving to Saitama University included reviews of DCE studies and the potential of benefit transfer analysis with DCEs.   Prior work within the University's School of Management (now the Southampton Business School) covered studies into the use of modelling and simulation tools for policy and service planning within the health sector.




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